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industry solutions

ARDINSYS Zrt. has started the development of industrial enterprise software products more than two decades ago, back in 1992. Since then we have delivered several solutions for different industrial sectors. Our industrial IT systems are usually complete solutions which covers the industry verticals that we cater to, typically the energy industry, cement industry and sugar production (e.g. Holzim, Nordzucker).
These systems could give solution for a given customer’s entire process of operation and of production. The functions of the system could cover from the financial, commercial tasks, contracting, management of manufacturing processes through the delivery and settlement. Our product range includes complete software solutions developed for e.g. raw material distribution, registration of manufacturing and certified delivery, road and passenger traffic control (admission and registration). We have significant experience in measurement technology (metrology), passive radio frequency (RF) and barcode identification and industrial computers (PLC) communications. Our recent developments are related to the pharmaceutical industry field.

PatikaSYS pharmacy system

This system is a modular, cloud-based solution for pharmacies and pharmacy chains. The retail module is a turn-key solution to support the overall administration of pharmacies. It was a key factor in the design phase to enable pharmacists to serve customers as quick as possible. The system features a unified, eye-catching and ergonomic graphical user interface which is easy to operate even on touch screens. During the development with the involvement of pharmacy experts an emphasis was placed to analyze usage patterns, to reconsider retail processes and to support advanced professional pharmacist duties.
The system’s office module efficiently supports the processes of ordering, pricing and inventory management, while also providing flexible tools for reporting. Thanks to its cloud-based operation all functions are easily accessible from any location using a desktop or tablet computer.
The central module provides tools to manage the whole pharmacy chain. IT allows managers to monitor and control the administration of the autonomous pharmacies in the chain. The module is connected to the central product database. This database effectively supports the daily sales and other professional processes. The other essential database is the central customer database, which serves as the basis of the loyalty system. This system design exempt pharmacists from amounts of excess administration.
The business intelligence (BI) module provides the opportunity to explore key market trends based on business data of the pharmacy chain, and gives comprehensive support for management decision making.