"Enterprise software development with professional agility."


ARDINSYS Zrt. is an IT company with more than 20 years of history. Two decades of professional experience, continuous growth and stable operation stand behind the company. The predecessor of ARDINSYS Zrt. was founded in 1991 by Hungarian private persons interested in technology and engineering. Later the company was operating as a leader industrial system supplier in form of a Swedish-Hungarian joint venture.

The development of financial software was started in 1998. The banking and investment related developments quickly expanded due to the positive reception and market success. From 2005, the financial software development division continued its business as an independent company, now known as ARDINSYS Zrt.

The main business area of the company is designing and implementing enterprise software products. We serve banks, investment companies, brokerage firms, insurance companies with financial software solutions and we have a great deal of experience regarding system integration with our industrial customers. ARDINSYS Zrt. currently employs an enthusiastic development and consulting team with more than 50 members (35 developers, 5 architects, 10 business analyst and project manager and consultant).

From 1998 we started to follow the process approach and the methodological guidelines of ISO quality management systems and since then we fulfill their requirements. Currently our operation complies with the requirements of ISO 9001. We are committed to use up to date technologies to develop systems that meet the highest demands of our customers. The IT background of our systems are Java and/or Microsoft .NET technologies. We are ready to develop web based thin-client (internet & intranet), rich client (desktop) or even hybrid mobile solutions. We stay ahead of the competition with our proven product quality, creative problem solving and excellent customer service.