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banking solutions

ARDINSYS Zrt. started to develop banking IT solutions in 2005. In the past ten years we gained valuable experience in the field of banking application and system development. Today we have a wide range of products for banking customers, e.g. Front-Office systems for branch offices and for Building Society branch offices, Treasury Back-Office system, real-time Business Rules Engine and system integration interfaces (Business Application Programing Interface).
These systems have many satisfied customer references from the banking industry. All solutions have proven the customer-friendly and efficient operation with an extremely high availability in practice. The products are based on common technology stacks (industry standard technologies) with modular design. This background makes them flexible, highly scalable and easy to integrate with each other or with other 3rd party systems. Our products enable to quickly implement complex systems. The modules have been proven for real, comprehensively tested and therefore operate without error.
Usually, the starting points for the systems required are our modular and customizable products. Of course on request, these existing modules can be completed with adding new functions or can be integrated with each other. Thanks for the thoughtful structural architecture the implementation of any customization request is quick and cost effective.

main products for the banking industry

  • ELŐTÉT: Our front-office system for branch offices, working properly for years at one of the largest commercial bank in Hungary.
  • BAPI (Business Application Programing Interface): Our product is an implementation to provide a universal system integration interface (API) for any bank’s IT ecosystem.
  • RULEX (Business Rule Engine): This product is a sophisticated real-time business rule engine. With this systems we are capable to define decision logics for all banking products and customer accounts. The system makes the decisions depending on the pre-defined rules and the actual conditions (if-then/event-condition-action) and generates the corresponding events.
  • TBOR (Treasury Back-Office System): Our full feature back-office system liaises with the treasury front-office systems (e.g. Kondor+), connects to the market data providers, supports STP (straight-through processing) and integrates with analytical accounting systems. Provides services for several banking departments (e.g. controlling, accounting, reporting, mid-office, etc.)
  • Building Society Front-End: Our system features eye-catching and ergonomic graphical user interface in addition to the full scale functionality.