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organizational structure

ARDINSYS Zrt. operates in three target segments, embodied in three business units: financial IT solutions division, industrial IT solutions division and insurance industry solutions division.
According to the organization structure of the company each business unit operates independently. The Deputy Chief Executive Officers steer the individual business units. They carry out the operational management of the divisions taking into account the company’s strategic plan. These autonomous business units are working in a partnership with each other. Within the company this partnership is a framework for synergy (eg. technological cooperation, common knowledge base, resource pools, quality management). The top manager of the company is the CEO, who designs the organization’s broad-based goals. The CEO establishes the strategic plans with the cooperation of the deputy CEOs.


Zsolt Rekvényi Zsolt REKVÉNYI

Chief Executive Officer



Zoltán Kirschner Zoltán KIRSCHNER

Executive Officer

ARDINSYS Zrt. – financial IT solutions


+36 20 957 2812

Bálint Kozman Bálint KOZMAN

Executive Officer

ARDINSYS Zrt. – industrial IT solutions


+36 20 321 0607

Pál Vojácsek Pál VOJÁCSEK

Executive Officer

ARDINSYS Zrt. – insurance industry solutions


+36 20 226 1525

our collegues

Our company pays great attention to the selection of staff and to build coherent development teams. ARDINSYS Zrt. is committed to create a strong team spirit and motivating working environment. As a result, we have almost no staff turnover. The average time spent at our company is over five years, this is why our customers and partners meet all times a consistent, reliable and well-functioning team.

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