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investment solutions

ARDINSYS Zrt. started to develop investment (trading) IT solutions in 2002. In the past more than ten years we gained valuable experience in the development field of investment services, data provider interfaces and stock exchange interfaces.
Today we have a full range of products for investment companies and brokerage firms. These systems have many satisfied customer references from the investment industry. All solutions have proven the customer-friendly and efficient operation with an extremely high availability in practice. The products are based on common technology stacks (industry standard technologies) with modular design. This background makes them flexible, highly scalable and easy to integrate with each other or with other 3rd party systems. Our products enable to quickly implement complex systems. The modules have been proven for real, comprehensively tested and therefore operate without error.
Usually, the starting points for the systems required are our modular and customizable products. Of course on request, these existing modules can be completed with adding new functions or can be integrated with each other. Thanks for the thoughtful structural architecture the implementation of any customization request is quick and cost effective.

main products for investment companies

Back-Office system: Our full featured investment back-office system works properly for years at the market leader investment company in Hungary.
Front-Office system: Our front-office system supports the complex jobs of customer service and sales management of branch offices and agents/brokers. The core system supports the internet and mobile based stock trading.
Electronic trading interfaces: We offer a wide range of solutions with trading support for stock markets (Hungarian and foreign stock exchanges). Our interfaces support the CEESEG FIX, FIX, ETS and the EnBS protocols but we are ready to implement other protocols on demand.
Market data provider interfaces: Our system supports to reach and use market data supplied by leading service providers (Interactive Brokers, Reuters [DSS, RKD, TREP-RT, RMDS], Portfolio and other regional stock markets). The market data can be distributed and used in 3rd party applications as well.
Report authoring and delivery tool: Our modules feature intuitive, easy to use creation of reports.

main investment products supported by our systems:
  • Investment units
  • Government bonds
  • Shares
  • Futures
  • Certificates
  • Options
  • FX transactions
  • Structured Products