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insurance solutions

ARDINSYS Zrt. started to develop the insurance industry IT solutions portfolio in 2006. The priority objective was to develop a component based web application framework. This modern web application framework enables us and our customers to keep pace with the fast regulatory and market changes of the insurance industry. Our main products for insurance companies:

ARDINSYS public portal module

The feature set of this public portal is available for the visitors without user authentication. It enables the existing clients or the prospective clients without registration to manage some specified insurance cases. Some features of this portal module: new product sales, revision of existing products, fee settlement, damage claims, etc.

ARDINSYS client portal module

With our solution the B2C communication become more efficient by reducing the administration time and cost. The online clients are able to view their current insurance contracts, manage their issues or ask for help from the customer service using a clean, stylish web user interface. In the client portal (in contrast to the public portal) the clients have been already identified. The client identification simplifies the binding and the administration processes. Some features of this portal module: new product sales, contract management, fee settlement, claim reporting and relating administration tasks, messaging, remote assistance, etc.

ARDINSYS broker sales interface

This special interface prepared for the brokerage sales operations. The systems enables the brokers (contracted with the insurance company) to stay in touch with their customers, prepare offers, create new contracts or manage their existing ones. Some features of this product: contract management, registration of broker bonds, management of draft works, support for offline working, etc.

ARDINSYS clerk interface

This issue management and tracking module allows the call center and the customer service colleagues to administer and follow the issues initiated by the clients or the brokers. Some features of this module: product sales, claims handling, contract inspection, contract management, customer support functions, task management, view system log files related to an issue, etc.

ARDINSYS online sales module

This logical layer was designed for brokers and other connecting insurance systems. Some features of this module are: offering standard web services to connecting systems, global log diary, uniform error handling, brokerage sales support, composing complex services based on simple business services, high availability (7/24) – independent operation, etc.